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Bristol Kickboxing Classes
In Westbury-on-Trym

About Us

Fighting Spirit KickBoxing club is one of the newest and fastest growing clubs in Bristol. Started in January 2006 by Lyle Hopkins the club has proved popular among women looking to keep in shape, men looking to compete and children looking to have fun and learn new skills. To ensure a good level of attention for all students, classes are limited to no more than 12 students. Please register for your free class and you will be notified if there is currently a space. Classes contain a good mixture of both men and women.

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Fighting Spirit Kick boxing offers a new and unique approach to the teaching of kick boxing and martial arts techniques. Our syllabus is flexible, allowing you to shape your own style of Kick Boxing that suits you. For more information select Syllabus from the menu.

New training guides for weight loss and muscle building. Request your free pack in class, lose over 1st a month and/or pack on muscle fast.

Beginners are always welcome, use our booking form to register for your free class or to arrange some private tuition.

Squad Training - For those of you that want to do sparring (sparring is optional) and maybe compete in kick boxing competitions. FSKB master instructor Lyle Hopkins has good experience with kick boxing competitions, holding several of the WUMA Federation titles and will help you train to achieve your goals.

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Squad Training

Squad training is intended for those that want to focus and improve on their sparring skills and those that are looking to compete. We have been running dedicated 3hr squad training classes on select weekends. Ask in class for details. All participants must understand that sparring in club is for the purpose of helping each other become better fighters. It's not a contest with winners and losers. Tournaments are a contest.

The certificate syllabus system allows you to focus skills and techniques directly relating to sparring, such as Ducking and Weaving, Movement, Blocking, etc. There are sparring certificates which are hard to attain as you must demonstrate that you can use techniques naturally in sparring.

Ultimately if you are dedicated enough to be selected to be a part of the Fighting Spirit KickBoxing squad you will have the opportunity to travel to different tournaments around the country and potentially around the world.

Master Hopkins has competed in many KickBoxing tournaments
for the WUMA Federation and other associations. The titles he
has won so far are:
  • British Champion 2010 (Adv Continuous 80kg+)
  • National Judo Champion 2008 (Novice)
  • National Full Contact Champion 2005 (80kg+)
  • English Open Champion 2005 (Adv Continuous 80kg+)
  • Welsh Open Champion 2005 (Adv Continuous & Points 80kg+)
  • English Open Champion 2004 (Adv Continuous 80kg+)
  • Welsh Open Champion 2004 (Adv Continuous & Points 80kg+)
  • Welsh Champion of Champions 2004 (Adv Continuous & Points 80kg+)

Lyle Hopkins

Kickboxing Instructor
Licensed bodyguard
MSc (dist)
5 A-levels (all A*)


Our unique syllabus concept is the core of FSKB. For years martial arts students have been tormented having to learn skills and techniques they don't want or will simply never use to achieve their next grade. FSKB is different. Our unique certificate system allows you to shape your own martial art style. If you don't want to learn kata's then you can skip that certificate, if you don't want to do conditioning you don't have to do that one. Each certificate is worth a number of points depending on the level and content of the certificate (most basic level certificates are worth one point). The table below lists the current basic level certificates. New certificates are added as our instructors knowledge and skills increase.


Certificate Points Reg
Punching 1
Kicking 1
Blocking 1
Ducking & Weaving 1
Conditioning 1
Breaking 2
Katas 2 Basic Punching & Kicking
Movement 1
Sparring 4 Basic Punching, Kicking, Blocking, Movement, D&W
Stamina 1
Strength 1
Street 1 Basic Punching & Kicking
Self Defense 1 Basic Punching & Kicking
Grappling 1
Nunchaku 1

Students are also awarded certificates for competing in competitions, these certificates also count toward your grade.

Milestone Points
1st tournament 1
5th tournament 1
10th tournament 2
20th tournament 4
1st win 2
5th win 4

Higher level certificates earn more points (most intermediate certificates are worth 2 points). Below is a breakdown of the various grades and points required.

Belts Points Req Points Increase Certificates Req
Red 2 2 Basic Punching
Yellow 4 2
Orange 8 4 Basic Kicking
Green 12 4
Blue 18 6
Purple 24 6
Brown/White 32 8 Int Punching/Kicking
Brown/Red 40 8
Brown/Black 50 10
Black 60 10 Adv Punching/Kicking

Holidays for 2019/2020

Not open bank holidays. Class dates roughly follow Bristol school term and holiday dates

2019 Christmas Holiday
Friday 6th December - Sunday 12th January

Half Term
Friday 14th February - Sunday 23rd February

Easter/End of Term
Friday 3rd April - Sunday 19th April

Half Term
Friday 22nd May - Sunday 31st May

Summer Holiday
Friday 10th July - Unknown

If you have any questions about KickBoxing, or you'd like to find out more before you join then please fill in the form below or give us a call on 0117 911 8066

Class Calendar

Westbury on Trym

Westbury-on-Trym CofE Primary School, Channels Hill

Monday, Thursdays

Childrens class (7 - 15 years)

Adult class (16 years and above)

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If you have any questions about KickBoxing, or you'd like to find out more before you join then please fill in the form below or give us a call on 0117 911 8066

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